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Volume 8, Issue 12 (12-2018) (5347 Views)
Volume 9, Issue 1 (1-2019) (5273 Views)
Volume 8, Issue 11 (11-2018) (5219 Views)
Volume 8, Issue 9 (9-2018) (4832 Views)
The Motivational Outcomes Of Connectivism Theory In EFL (4760 Views)
Volume 8, Issue 10 (10-2018) (4452 Views)
Vol. 7, Issue 9, September 2017 (4253 Views)
The Impact of Teaching English Synonym and Antonym Pairs Adjacently and Non-Adjacently on Iranian EFL Learners' Vocabulary Learning and Retention (3910 Views)
A Correlation Study on Achievement of English Learners (3882 Views)
Vol.6, Issue4, July2016 (3741 Views)
Vol.6, Issue 1, March 2016 (3565 Views)
Vol.4, Issue 5, December 2015 (3487 Views)
More... Volume 8, Issue 3 (3-2018) (3466 Views)
Vol. 7, Issue 8 , August 2017 (3353 Views)
More... Volume 8, Issue 5 (5-2018) (3334 Views)
Increase innovation and investment attractiveness of meso-level socio-economic systems (3264 Views)
Vol. 7, Issue 12, December 2017 (3261 Views)
Modern Language Policy: Specifics Of Formation And Development Of The French Vertical (3253 Views)
Critical Discourse Analysis of Bilawal Bhutto’s Speech at United Institute of Peace in Washington DC (3186 Views)
Language Processes And Bilingualism In Polyethnic Environment: The Envistigation In The Republic Of Tatarstan (3162 Views)
Psychic Principles of Constructing Reality in Post-Postmodernistic Novels (3150 Views)
Methodology of teaching Russian language and literature (3051 Views)
More... Volume 8, Issue 1 (1-2018) (3037 Views)
Effect of the Eclectic Approach of Teaching on English communication skills at Elementary Level (3008 Views)
Cognitive-Perceptive Features And Communicative Orientation Of Nominative Meaning Of The Verbs Of Olfactory Semantics In French (3002 Views)
The Adequacy Of The Reflection Of The Comic By Means Of Another Language: Translation Equivalence And Adequacy (3000 Views)
Vol. 7, Issue 3, March 2017 (2990 Views)
The Role of Personality Characteristics in Forming EFL University Students’ Attitudes towards Learning English as a Foreign Language: A Case Study (2926 Views)
Volume 8, Issue 8 (8-2018) (2898 Views)
Geography And Spatial Analysis In Diachronic Linguistics (2877 Views)
More... Volume 8, Issue 6 (6-2018) (2874 Views)
Vol.5, Issue2, June2015 (2872 Views)
University Students’ Motivation for Acquisition of the English language (Based on the Example of Survey among Students in Novosibirsk) (2856 Views)
Self-directed Learning in Language Teaching-learning Processes (2847 Views)
Valence effects on phonological processing in normal Persian speaking children: A study by ERP (2839 Views)
From Linguistic Aspects to Designing Course of (French) Language for Specific Purposes (2818 Views)
Linguacultural Specificity Of Transferring The Category Of Comic By The Language Means (2760 Views)
Language And Social Structure (2725 Views)
Bilingualism and Comparison of the Attitudes of the Learners towards Foreign Language Learning (2713 Views)
Strategy for Enhancing Skills of English for Forensic Medicine (2679 Views)
Communicative Quest as an innovative EFL teaching technology (2662 Views)
Vol. 7, Issue 2, February 2017 (2660 Views)
Approaching a Reading Course via Moodle-based Blended Learning: EFL Learners’ Insights (2656 Views)
Vol. 6, Issue 6, September 2016 (2618 Views)
The Use of Pictures in Improving Students’ Writing (2604 Views)
Concept formation as a method of developing creativity in the "Tourism" branch students in the process of foreign language learning (2574 Views)
Vol.4, Issue1, March2014 (2569 Views)
Methodological Compression in Foreign Language Teaching of Engineering Students (2535 Views)
Vol. 1, Issue 2, October 2011 (2526 Views)
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